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If you guys didn’t know..well now you know! Siblings all together lol yayy!! In New York for the week with the family! Happy days 👏☺️❤️ #cunanansinnewyork #familyfirst

This whole week was seriously too good to be true 😭👌❤️!! Ended our Disney World trip with a bang in Magic Kingdom🏰! I have tons of pictures to share so look out for them lol. #cunanansatdisneyworld #magickingdom #cinderellascastle #princecharmingcarousel

Gotta love water!! I think I found the biggest water bottle in the whole park 😂 I was eyeing it from across the path when they were laying it out! LOL yesss 😏❤️ the thirst is real!#cunanansatdisneyworld #disneyworld #magickingdom

I see you in the distance 🏰 Still can’t believe I’m here! #cunanansatdisneyworld #disneyworld #magickingdom #cinderellascastle

Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the day! Dude Tower of Terror seriously caught us off guard 👏😂 gotta get on it AGAIN & AGAIN! The weather has been doing the most today lolol #disneyhollywoodstudio #disneyworld #cunanansatdisneyworld

Face of “we made it on time for our dinner reservation” LMAO Dinner time in Tokyo Dine w/ the family 😏👌❤️ #cunanansatdisneyworld #epcotcenter

Our first park of the trip! EPCOT!! Finally posting my first picture while we take a break & have lunch! Humidity is no joke & thunder & rain isn’t either! What an experience! #cunanansatdisneyworld #epcotcenter #disneyworldfirsttimers

Picked up things from where we left off last night! I’m glad after a couple years or so nothing has faded!! Thanks dudes!! I say this again you dont know how happy I was reconnecting with you guys.Woot brofist 👊 for a new beginning 👏😁❤️!!

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