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Rita Ora: “@chaelin_cl I see you!! emojiemoji


Rita Ora: “@itsjeremyscott look finally we met! @chaelin_cl new id love this girl in her customised Rita for Adidas bomber jacket! #unstoppable_night #korea @adidasoriginals”


Model Park Hyung Seop: “My expression before I ate chicken”

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Damn tho be honest you havent seen a long ass post like that in DAYYYZZZ.. LMAO i hope no one mistook it for like a very intellectual, deep ass post that turns the universe or makes people contemplate about their own lives. Lol its just a freewrite. But I honestly miss seeing post where i could just read and pay attention to peoples input,emotions,or random shit. Those were always the best.

LMAOOO yeah with all that said.. I need to take my sick ass to sleep lol. No ones gonna read it anyway 😂

Soo i was just thinking to myself of how much my interest in Korean music,drama,fashion,etc, has grown and become an impact on my life.

Lets start off first that not too long ago..probably a year or so ago..i was deeply in love with One Direction. No shame tho cause I sincerely think their music was catchy and fun lol plus I can’t get over their good looks. Just as my interest in One Direction was a thing plenty of people said I’d get over them in a quickness cause they were a hype..I seriously denied them lol. I was soo into myself thinking I’d follow them for forever LMAO… Oh god had that changed. To those who said those things to I say it “you were right” lolol. Now look at me slightly cringing at them lolol sowwwy…

People say that sparking interest in something is usually a “phase”.Being a Directioner was definitely a phase for me lolol. Yes I thought they were popular, but i just slowly grew out of it. Once I grew out of the phase, I tried to avoid getting attached to something cause I felt so immature of myself. Crazy thing is how can losing interest in something make me feel so lost all of a sudden. I then needed something to focus on to help me through tough times.Then thanks to the help of my best friend, Daphne,and her family I was slowly being reintroduced to Korean idols,drama,and more lol. They are the reason why I’m at my peak right now :).

Yes, I’ve been reintroduced. Why was I not a continuous kpop lover?It’s cause again people grow up and don’t really realize how much you’re deeply interested in something until you it circles back into your life lol. Personally I’ve always been fond of Korean stars and their music since I was young lol. My love started with KrungKrung Sandara Park (my first discovery of a Korean who speaks fluent tagalog like i do, I felt a connection lol),cause of her over time 2ne1 grew on me. Later on as I grew Taeyang was comeback love for kpop cause of “Wedding Dress” (who doesn’t know the choreography to it lol), cause of him BigBang was it lol. So to think over how I’ve gotten here, I learned that Kpop has grown on me. Unlike One Direction where they were hyped up and one time deal lol.

Being reintroduced was so refreshing and it opened my eyes to something different. One thing is that not being able to understand makes me want to learn hangul soo bad. Not only that, but their culture all together. All of it leads my goals to wanting to experience new things and helps me feel as if I’m my total individual. Thinking about it just makes me feel actual relief lol.Korean idols,music,drama, & it’s culture have grown into such a big part of me. I can seriously say that all my love for this isn’t a phase and would probably lead me somewhere in the future in the arts/entertainment, if not possibly in my future travels.

WHO KNOWS I COULD END UP WORKING FOR YG,JYP,OR SM ENT. LOLOL. Okay hopes are too high.. But you see, I see myself and this all together..and I’m happy lol. Judge me all you want and say this and that but I’ll just grow more fonder with it kekeke❤️❤️❤️ I wish I could find more friends who are as interested in this as I am. We could totally go crazy over all of this together LOLOL I’m glad my closest friends are with me all the way in what I love. Especially since I blast reblogs,videos,music, & etc. on here lol love youusss!!

Back at it again w/ the one & only Daphine Azile 😍❤️ Seriously a month+ is too long! Let’s not let that happen again lolol SOO happy seeing her & the family ❤️ #adventuresofdapdapandtintin

After School’s Nana and Lee Soohyuk couple up for Nylon magazine



After School’s Nana and actor Lee Soohyuk became quite the stylish winter couple in a recent pictorial for Nylon magazine.

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